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"The question is not, can we make a difference - we all make a difference. The question is, what kind of difference are we going to make?" - Julia "Butterfly" Hill

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I have been interested in issues of social justice, environmentalism, and animal welfare for as long as I can remember. Now, as a parent, these issues take on new meaning and increased urgency as my field of vision has opened to span generations. I believe that conscious and compassionate parenting is one of the most powerful tools we have to bring about a more peaceful, sustainable and joyful world. I created Beautiful Friendships to help parents who have a vision for the future that includes diversity, abundance and beauty learn some different strategies for building loving homes and raising children who will become committed citizens and the architects of that future. My presentations and workshops are designed to give parents and caretakers the tools to:

  • Educate themselves so they can live their values with respect to our planet and all its inhabitants
  • Make positive lifestyle choices that support their families, other people, other species and the Earth
  • Help our children develop the qualities they will need to be forces for change in the future
  • Model kindness and compassion in their everyday lives

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Kelly will be offering her Humane Parenting 101 workshop in Vancouver, British Columbia on Saturday, June 6, 2009.  Please direct inquiries about this program to Tracy Howard, Executive Director at Marpole Oakridge Family Place, email:

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